Hiba Khan  <hiba@writerinn.com>

To Shiffa Khan

September 4, 2020

Hello Shiffa, 

This free resume assessment by Writer Inn is designed to provide an honest assessment and some suggestions to assist you in job search. Considering the fact that we review hundreds of CVs every month, we know just exactly what is pushing your CV game down and happy to provide insight into how you compare to other job seekers competing for the same positions.

Resume Score

Your resume score is based on key criteria that recruiters and hiring managers look for. It indicates how your resume stacks up when compared to top resumes in your industry.

Your resume leveled up 59% out of 100. This suggests there is room for improvement on your resume.

Visual Representation

Some people say that looks are not important, but that is not the case with CV/Resumes. We have noticed that your design is visually erratic. It is congested in a way that there isn’t enough white space available which makes the employer want to read through. Remember that your resume is your marketing tool. It’s the first impression a potential employer has of you.

Do you think your CV looks good without a template; the answer is NO! You need to consider the size and type of bullet points. Things like these may look ignorable – but remember, if it isn’t pleasing to the eyes, the employer won’t even take a breath reading it. 


Resume Writing

Your professional CV is up-to-date, professionally identifies you and covers the area’s most relevant to your professional level and business goals. It is a plus point because this is an important factor in hiring a manager to keep reading.

The most important thing that your CV is missing – the template. While reading your CV, we couldn’t find persuasive words that would add interest to your work. Instead we saw passiveness which made your writing dull and not interesting to read through. The other thing we noticed is that you have completely ignored the light bullet points and hung on the bulky ones. – which isn’t what a recruiter is looking for.

Repetitive Words

Strong, unique action verbs show hiring managers that you have held different roles and skill sets. They also help your accomplishments stand out and make them more impactful. We found that you overused 9 action verbs on your resume. We recommend that you replace them with unique action verbs - this helps make your achievements more impactful.
Overused action verbs: Achieved (3 times), Elected (3 times), Creating (3 times), Created (3 times), Involved (3 times), Working (4 times).

Grammar and Spelling Errors

To ensure your proper place to be getting an interview call, you have to make sure that your Resume/CV holds proper command over grammar. Your CV holds an average hold of grammar which can be dreadful to submit.

Resume Style

Digital Wellness

Resume is missing template and format. This keeps employers scanning toa really moderate level, eventually giving some Application Tracking Systems (ATS) issues. To get better digital wellness and easy scan, make sure you upload your file in word (which it is) to help dissect the true nature of your resume.

Your Resume Findings

Your Next Step and Our Recommendation

Shiffa, you have great experience and a variety of skills attached to you. For a person who is as professional as you are, we unfortunately say that your resume undersells you. This is the most important tool in your job search and it needs to clearly communicate everything you have achieved till this day.

Here are a few recommendations that can help you get the roadblock out of the way:

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