Viral marketing: Is your Content worth getting viral?

What is Viral marketing?

Viral marketing is a way to increase awareness and potential sales of a brand or product, and this information can spread rapidly from person to person. The idea is that users choose what they want to share. Social networks are a natural habitat for this type of marketing because of their speed and ease of sharing. The most common examples today are making emotional, stunning, fun or unique YouTube videos and then posting them on Facebook, Twitter and other channels.

However, viral contamination can be a double-edged sword. It is important to remember that in this activity most controls are in the hands of users and there is a risk of misunderstanding or fake messages. On the other hand, successful viral campaigns can have a surprising effect on brand performance.

How does it work?

Theoretically, viral marketing campaigns are very simple. Create videos and other types of content that appeal to your goals, and publish and promote them online. All you can do is wait for the fuses to blow, and then users will start sharing wildly. In some cases, viral transmission occurs by accident. For example, videos uploaded by private users have suddenly become popular and spread over the Internet.

There are two visible or hidden video branding strategies. In the first case, the user notices that the user is viewing ads or branded content from the beginning, while in the second case, the brand interaction is hidden and only displayed later. When using confidential marketing techniques, be careful to deceive, (we never want to do that) as viral activity can cause adverse effects. Whichever strategy we choose, remember that you won’t be “spammed” or stuck with content. The best strategy is not to find the news over and over, but to find the right time and place, and then start the protections and spread of you viral.

Mind-boggling advantages

  1. One of the features of viral marketing is that users make up a large part of the brand’s work. This significantly reduces distribution costs. No need to buy advertising or image space.
  2. If we really stand out in terms of creativity, we create amazing content for users to decide to share the content and establish a personal connection with your brand. Undoubtedly, this is a very strong brand and awareness tool.
  3. Viral videos on the Internet can be made available to millions of viewers around the world without expensive or extra effort. As a result, even small companies and individuals can become very viral.
  4. Viral marketing reduces the likelihood of brand intervention when social network users decide to participate and share the content. As a result, brand perception and interaction are much better than more traditional ad form.

The viral marketing seeds have already been sown and you can come along with me on this journey.

Ken Poirot

Last Words

There are many other reasons why viral marketing is the star of this world but let’s keep it stuck this way for now and see the magic of this shinning armor spread-out.

White Hat SEO

Why are there so many results of your search?

Have you ever wondered why you never get what you search for on the search engines, even when it is google? It has everything to do with the user’s search query and how the search engine has ranked the pages according to that query of yours. I found exactly what I was looking for on the 11th page once and trust me I didn’t like it.

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is the form of tactics and how they are in legal and acceptable line with the terms and conditions of many search engines, with the mother of all, google. It is basically the opposite or antonym of Black hat SEO. For the most part, white hat SEO alludes to any training that improves your inquiry rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) while keeping up the trustworthiness of your site and remaining inside the search engines terms and condition. These strategies remain inside the limits as characterized by Google. Examples on the face of internet of white cap SEO include: 

  • Offering quality substance and administrations 
  • Quick site stacking times and versatile kind disposition 
  • Utilizing distinct, watchword rich meta labels 
  • Making your site simple to explore

There are many strategies that make your white hat SEO work, let’s take a look on them.

The Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is the easiest to get your hands on and it supports white hat like a charm. All you have to do first is look for all the results that come on the first page with great ranking on the search engine. Read all about it and see what makes them shine. And the last step includes taking notes of whatever they had on their blog or website and making a similar content just like theirs. But keep this one thing in mind that you have to make it look better than theirs.

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.

Jill Whalen

Guest Posting Strategy

This is the nice way to enhance your white hat SEO skills which lie deep in you. This one comes with two different options. Either you can maintain a relationship with a different blogger who would post your content on their blog, but for this you will have to make sure that the blog has something in common with you. Apparently, nobody will accept it if you don’t offer anything similar to their posts. 

The other way is you can publish guest posts on authority sites in your niche. But remember, this should be done very carefully because both the options are very different to each other and Google has the authority to penalize your website if something goes wrong. 

Keeping everything in mind is a great way to get started getting known, but just know that the keyword importance, which may sound too old now, still holds the same value and power for you to soar high. So, get up and march on your journey of getting known because no one does it better than you.